Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2010 Mercury Milan Premium Hybrid

Along with the new 2010 Fusion Hybrid, Ford is also releasing a Mercury version, the Milan Hybrid. It features a 2.5-liter iVCT I-4 engine with Atkinson-cycle combustion, a permanent-magnet AC-synchronous electric motor, a 330-volt nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT).

The Milan Hybrid offers the same performance as the Fusion Hybrid. It will reach 47 miles per hour on electric power alone and deliver 41 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per hour on the highway with a range of up to 700 miles. Like the Fusion Hybrid, the Milan Hybrid's dashboard features a pair customizable "SmartGauge" 4.3" LCD screens that use a virtual "Efficiency Forest" to illustrate current fuel economy.

Available options include a hard drive-based navigation system with Serius TravelLink, which will find fuel prices, display weather forecasts and warn about accidents, and Mercury SYNC with 911 Assist that can make a 911 call througe a Bluetooth cellphone.

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