Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cambellini

This is something special. I saw this car back in 2008 at the Northwest Car Collectors Association Car Show and Swap Meet in Portland, Oregon. It was labelled simply as a 2006 Cambellini owned by Tom and Jan Campbell. I didn't know anything else about it until I received an email a few months ago from a friend of Tom Campbell named Rick Sanders who gave me the rest of the story, which I have consolidated here in my own words.

Tom Campbell was an engineer who became the head engineer and manufacturing mamager at a compeny with over 200 employees and with his wife Jan raised two boys. Tom spent about 20 years designing and building the Cambellini from scratch in his 4,000 square foot shop. By 1991, he had built his second clay design model of the car at approximately 18" in length. From that model he used a projector to blow up slices of the model to full size using tools and jigs he designed, and from those slices built a full-size clay model. He built the entire body and chassis from scratch, only purchasing items like the engine, wheels & tires & windshield. Tom Campbell passed away in December 2009 at the age of 56.

The Cambellini absolutely looks like it could be a production car, and is a testament to one man's talent and determination to fulfill a dream.

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